CreativeSoft Ltd is a custom software development company.

We build desktop, embedded, mobile, server multi-platform solutions to help you succeed.

We are experts in the design and developing of:

  • Business applications – using of modern APIs and frameworks
  • User interface – based on QT, MFC, WPF, WinForms,
  • 2D and 3D HMI – with EB Guide, Kanzi Engine
  • 2D and 3D graphics applications – with OpenGL (ES), DirectX
  • CAM / CAD solutions
  • Navigation and location software
  • Logistic and telematics solutions
  • Back end – an Apache server
Software Development 98%
Business Applications 98%
Project Planning 98%
2D & 3D Graphics Applications 92%
CAM / CAD Solutions 96%
User Interface 98%
Outsourcing 98%

In order to meet the clients’ needs, we provide expertise with high quality and support throughout the whole product development process. This way we help our clients to get products which 100% correspond to their requirements and needs, boost their productivity and simultaneously reduce their business costs.


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